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(Colleagues say)

This guy just gets sh*t done.

Versatile, creative, thoughtful, intelligent, kind,... Clint made an immediate impact on the team upon arrival. He’s an amazing player and coach, with a tireless approach. Clint is also extremely efficient. Extremely Effectively Efficient. Triple E.
Stephen Blake
Head of Design, UnitedMasters

An experienced designer, team player, and creative thinker.

Clint seeks to understand before he solves, putting the user in the center of his solution. I enjoyed collaborating with Clint and was continually amazed at the speed and elegance of his work.
Rousseau K.
Director of Product, UnitedMasters

One of the most versatile designers, creatives, and people I've had the pleasure of working with.

He's a trailblazer, but he's also a great player AND a great coach that is willing to slow down to bring clients, teammates, and everyone along.
Andrew Verboncouer
Founder, Headway

Having a design teammate understand and passionately advocate for the user as we do in product design, is such a gift.

I was always in awe of Clint’s ability to drive challenging conversations and gain team alignment, even when people were initially on completely different pages.
Alice Kang
Sr. Product Designer, UnitedMasters
(What I do)

Creative Direction

Guiding the artistic vision and strategic concept of a project to connect with the target audience while aligning with the project's goals.

Product Strategy

Aligning human needs with business objectives, guiding design decisions to create a compelling and valuable product that fulfills customer demands and achieves competitive advantage.

UX/UI Design

Creating user-centered and visually appealing interfaces resulting in seamless and engaging interactions between people and digital products.

Data-Based Initiatives

Leveraging insights from user behavior, AI, and analytics to inform and enhance the design process for more effective and people-friendly products.
U.S. Ventures
Awwwards SOTD
Awwwards SOTY
(Select History 2014-2020)


Streamlined online experience for financial clients showcasing digital asset solutions for Fintechs, Banks, Institutions, and Credit Unions.


Led Roostify's design system establishment and training. Enabled scalable growth through streamlined processes and white-label initiatives.

U.S. AutoForce

Enhanced USAF's white-label product UX. Collaboratively ideated, prototyped scalable solutions for both web and mobile apps.


Revamped UX: data vis, simplified imports, marker creation, filters, reporting. Elevated experience for businesses, orgs, and users seeking location insights.


Led product design team, creating digital products for physical locations and online attendees.


Pivotal in Logos platform's design, Logos6 launch, branding, tool intro, e-comm growth.